LMIA – Agriculture Stream

An LMIA is a document issued by the Government of Canada, approving a Canadian employer to hire one or multiple temporary foreign workers (TFW).

The Agricultural Stream allows employers to hire Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) when Canadians and permanent residents are not available.


Agricultural Stream LMIA‘s require all work to be on-farm Primary Agriculture and the employer is required to provide housing to foreign workers.

Primary agriculture

Primary agriculture is defined as work duties that must:

  • be performed within the boundaries of a farm, nursery or greenhouse
  • involve at least one activity, such as:
    • operation of agricultural machinery
    • boarding, care, breeding, sanitation or other handling of animals, other than fish, for the purpose of obtaining raw animal products for market
    • collection, handling and assessment of those raw products, or the planting, care, harvesting or preparation of crops, trees, sod or other plants for market
  • be consistent with one of these National Occupational Classification codes: 0821, 0822, 8252, 8255, 8431, 8432, and 8611

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Silvester & Associates Immigration offers Agricultural stream LMIA preparation and submission for the following Agricultural Streams:

Agricultural Stream 


  • Worker can be from any country

  • Production must be included on the National Commodity List (*) 

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

  • Worker can be from Mexico or the participating Caribbean Countries

  • Production must be included on the National Commodity List (*)

Stream for high-wage positions


  • Worker can be from any country

  • Production does not fall within the National Commodity List

Stream for low-wage positions 


  • Worker can be from any country

  • Production does not fall within the National Commodity List
  • Recruitment requirements:

    Effective January 12, 2022 & until June 30, 2023, Employment & Social Development Canada will suspend minimum advertising requirements for employers applying for a LMIA to hire TFW in primary agriculture.

    • (*) National Commodity List includes: apiary products, fruits, vegetables (including canning/processing of these products if grown on the farm), mushrooms, flowers, nursery-grown trees including Christmas trees, greenhouses/nurseries, pedigreed canola seed, sod, tobacco, bovine, dairy, duck, horse, mink, poultry, sheep

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